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Accidently in love.. [entries|friends|calendar]

Accidently in love
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camp [Tuesday
June 27th, at 10:06pm]
I wish I was still there- it was awesome.

Yuvan was his name. Some called him Argy. I called him Serbia. He was mad cool.

I believe everyone thinks Loganville is full of whores.

Late night talks. Got closer to some of the girls.

Never knew it would take 5 girls,an empty room, a cup, a fressbie and an hour and a half to catch a mouse. It's okay kaitlyn.

A whore is always a hoe but a hoe is not always a whore. Your a slut. and your married daddy is a tramp. got it?

Did u know the booty has a g spot?

Freshies will be freshies-forever.

3 mountain dew amps a day.

Our defense is a solid block. try us now bitches.

I would have called and left you comments Kris.

Loganville is offically boring and I wish I could have stayed there the whole summer. I learned so much and i'm excited to start playing to show it off. A good way to end our last summer =0).
in love

life getting better [Wednesday
March 22nd, at 4:16pm]
Life is getting better than the last post.. let's see:

Family- drama is settling down a little bit, so that's good. I found out my Uncle Junior past away last week-R.I.P.; me and grandma had a tons of pina colada's this weekend, it was awesome, i love that women. Then I hung out with granny and me nd greg had a 'pinic' and sat it the cold and played 2 games of uno which took us 2 hours, it was awesome and i miss my granny being around, but i thank God for every extra day she is here.

School- We are currently taking GHSGT and it sucks. The test have so far been easy, but tomorrow is science and social studies, im worried about both, only science b/c my teachers didnt teach me anything :/. But the math and lang. arts is so easy, if u dont have common sense, you should still pass. And i have 4 days without Spanish(Mrs.Johnson) so I cant be any more happier =)

Work- Going okay. I'm trying to work more so that i can have a good prom dress(yes, I'm going to prom, in a dress, soo exicted=) ).

Leg- Getting better. I ball ran today and it lasted throughout the whole game, so thats good. I'm hoping I will be cleared to play the last game-Habersham, I really hope so. Tara got hurt and it suckkks so bad. I hate losing good players, players at all for that fact. Hopefully she will catch the last game-maybe, i hope so.

Soccer- ehhh, it's soccer. On the good side, we won today like 11-2, it was nice and then the guys won too 2-3, in over time, it was a really good game!!!

Welp that is it, next week is spring break and i cant freaking wait. Leave comments bitches. love yall.

x.O Kayla x.O
in love

time doesnt heal all wounds [Friday
March 10th, at 11:29pm]
i have heard the quote: Time heals all wounds, and I just want to state that i think that is bullshit, because my wounds are fully opened and ready to explode...
in love

Fucking hate loganville [Tuesday
February 28th, at 6:08pm]
I hate loganville.
I hate stringer(even if he has nothing to do with it, i still hate him)
I hate BOE
I hate every guy that coaches football(except for chonko) and everyone who is involved
I hate loganville.. did i already say that?.. one more time.. I FREAKING HATE LOGANVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For my girls- We cant let this bring us down, yes we can be pist, we have to go out there and work 150% more than we ever did, we are not going to let them screw up our game, we know we can do it with or without a coach! I love all you girls!!

x.O Kayla x.O
3Accidently ; in love

Life could be better [Saturday
February 25th, at 11:33am]
So last weekend i fracturated my fibula and so now im like out for 2 months.. freaking sucks becuase i CANT stand sitting on the sidelines and watch people play soccer.. drives me up the freaking wall.. but sometimes u gotta do what u gotta do.. its been hurting a little more than usual the last few days b/c i fell when we were practing in the lower gym.. and on top- family problems, when dont i have family problems, right? luckily its down in jacksonville to where im not in the middle, but it still really sucks... so life could be MUCH better right now, but i also know that it could be much worse.. well im gunna go i gotta take a shower and then head over to the hendrys... pce..

x.O Kayla x.O
in love

Bad Day [Monday
November 14th, at 8:33pm]
Today= not a good day.

woke up late so got put in ISS.

missed a test in chemistry that now i have to make up after school.

dont get any of the stuff that we are learning in math

big test in spanish friday that im not ready for

havent even started homework

pist that my cell phone broke- had to spend 60 dollars on a new one!!

bill's nd deb anniversary might not go as plan,which im so effing pist about!

was talking to coach nd if we find no one to play goalie, i have to get stuck back there....god this freaking sucks!!!!

uuuuuuuughhh.... im gunna go

x.O Kayla x.O
in love

finally updating [Friday
November 4th, at 11:44pm]
I havent updated in forever! I use xanga a lot more, but bluesprings isnt as fun any more at all this season and i've got a job at zaxby's, a local food place up here. Junior year freaking sucks ass and is the worst year ever! My time management have been cut in half, so i dont have much time to do much anymore, but i try my hardest. and i cant wait for high school season to start!!!! ill update later.

x.O Kayla x.O
2Accidently ; in love

Summer 05' [Monday
June 13th, at 12:03am]
[ mood | tired ]

So today i was over at the Hendrys and basically just chilled out. Rained off and on all day, im sick of rain! Tomorrow is try-outs, can't wait, sounds ike this year will be interesting. I ran today, for the first time in like 2 weeks!

I have nothing to talk about! I think i'm going into butt depression b/c i havent slapped anyone's butt in a week!! haha!

Tomorrow I am going shopping for the rest of my clothes and then next Sunday (Father's Day), I leave for camp, heck yes! gunna kick butt! And then the last week of June, im going on vacation and then Rachel and Stacey is coming down with Sarah near the Fourth of July and then im going home to Jacksonville sometime in July and then school starts in July, wow! thats alot of stuff coming up! summer is just beginning for me!

Well gunna go, peace

x.O Kayla x.O

in love

May 19th, at 9:40pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Wow! This week has gone by super fast. Tomorrow is already Friday! I've been doing my U.S. history project for the last week and then today I had to ref a game. It was like the best game im refed all season. It was Ashley,Andrew,Jen's and Clint's team against Lillie's team, the score was 3-3, so we had to do a shoot out, my first shootout! Ashley's team in the end pulled a victory for 1st place! It was awesome!

Refing all day Saturday, I dont know what im doing this wekend, everyone is going away this weekend! Good luck Zach, youll be fine! lol.. Ashley have fun on your trip since today was your last day of school ( you suck).. lol..

If anyone wants to do anything this weekend just let me know =)

Sometimes I feel like I'm always being comprared to my sister, people need to realize I'm not my sister and I will never be her. I will never put myslef and my family through all this hardship. All I ask is let me be myself and stop over-proctecting me,and I promise that in the end, you'll realize that I'm not Tiffany, I'm Kayla, and thats all ill ever be.

x.O Kayla x.O

in love

so shove my body up against yours, and kiss me like you mean it [Sunday
May 8th, at 9:35pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Today was also a geat day. Happy Mother's day ( even though there shouldnt be a mother reading this, thats okay)...

Got up when i felt like it today, which was around 10:30 and then chilled and took my mom out to eat and then she dropped me off at my game, and unfortuately we had john paul, and he isnt a very good ref, so bluespinrgs ended up losing, it wasnt all john pauls fault, but he didnt really call a good game either.

Went over to the Hendrys today, it was fun, hasnt seen them in almost 2 weeks so it felt nice, a little weird b/c im so used to having the same schedule and stuff, but really quick it got back to normal, and i had a blast.

hope everyone had a good mothers day!!

x.O Kayla x.O

 ( thats what i feel like right now)

in love

May 8th, at 10:57am]
[ mood | content ]

So Friday me and aleena left after first period becuase we decided we didnt want to go to school on friday ( it was Aleena skip day..lol) and then Kelly and Nikki joined us after 2nd period. We all went to subway to eat lunch, went back to Aleena and chilled b/c nikki had to go back to teach at the school.

Friday night was awesome..There was like 15 girls that all stayed the night at Nikki's. One upset was that Taylor dislocated her knee when they were outside playing soccer, but Taylor was really strong and went to the hospital and then come back to us around midnight! It was awesome, everyone jumped up or woke up and we were all out their to greet her :-). Then me,justin,aleena,amber,tara,katelyn, and caitilin all stayed up until 3 o clock and then i had to get up at 7:45, and so i refed all day at bluespring and literally got burnt!

Then a bunch of people went over to Zach's house, and we watched The Ring and hung out. It was fun.

Today im going out to eat with my mother, then I have to referee one game over at bluesprings, and then i might go over and hang out over at the Hendry's while my mom goes to see Tiffany.

x.O Kayla x.O

in love

Just a few thoughts... [Tuesday
May 3rd, at 3:27pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Today wasn't a bad day... but a lot of stuff i've been thinking about:

I'm so glad that i finally have friends that understand me and that i love to death, and now that im becoming more "social" and doing more stuff with people, it seems that i have more choices to make and its frustrating. I love hanging out with my friends, its the best time i have, but then I feel like im neglecting my family, like my grandmothers and especially the Hendry's, even though right now I'm still kind mad at Deborah and Bill ( which i wont be as soon as i sit down and talk with them),it still makes me feel like crap. I mean if Deborah and Bill come up to me now and told me that i was "isolating" myself, i would understand, but in the other hand, I really enjoy time with my friends and i want to continue having time with my friends, so between working on weekends and spending time with my friends and still trying to fit in time with my family, is going to become hard for me as i get less mad at deborah and bill, and as i was thinking, the best thing they did for me was 2 weekends ago when they took me home, and yes i was mad and all, but it tought me to lean on my friends more and realize that they are here for me and I have more than just family to be there for me, and i dunno, i feel lost on where to go next and how to make everyone happy, becuase i dont want to hurt the people i care about, but i also understand that if i don't make myself happy, how are people going to be happy for me? i don't know, it was just something that i've been thinking about all day today.

The banquet was really good, only cried a little bit, and it was because Moshier started crying! lol.. i'm really going to miss the seniors next year, i've gotten to know these girls so much better than i ever thought i would! They have taught me more about life, not just soccer, than i ever would have imagined!

All the girls are staying the night at Nikki's house on friday, all 22 of us, should be fun =). I havent decided if im going to work on Saturday, i need to money really bad, im gunna see if danielle,katelyn or Justin is going to ref saturday. If i dont ref, i may go over to the Hendry's and see granny and grandma and sort out everything. Then Sunday is mother's day, i have no idea what to get my mom yet, im going tomorrow and getting it.

I have so much homeowkr so im gunna go and ill update tomorrow. COMMENT

x.O Kayla x.O

in love

May 1st, at 5:23pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This weekend was awesome. Stayed with Nikki this whole weekend! Me, Nikki, Justin and Val stayed up and watched Hotel Rwanda, Justin feel alseep tho. It was a good movie, then me and NIkki went upstairs nd talked until 12:30 nd then feel alseep.

Saturday- Had to wake up bright nd early, at 6:00 to go to Special Olympics. It was Justins birthday to! So we got to the indoor place like 8 o clock, nd we didnt play until like 12 something, so me,kelly and aleena went and played with these big balls and was messin around, it was awesome, nd we took some pictures to! The first game was the best b/c wehad two teams and so we played eachother, i was on Nikki's and Aleena's team and the other team was Justin and Kelly. We ended up winning by one goal! Then the second game we lost by one goal in overtime, this one kid was a althete, he was so good, he was also on his school's Varsity team, so that says something to.

So we got back from Special Olympics around 4ish i think, then we went back to Nikki's and i took a shower, then me,nikki,justin and mrs. luck all went to Jillians becuase Justin had a surpise party for him! It was fun, it was like Loganville people talking to eachother and then South poeple talking to eachother, but i had fun, and thats all that counts! We stayed there until about 9:45 and then like 7 of us went to Starbucks, yum, it was good. Then we dropped two of Justin's friends off and went back to Nikki's house, and me,nikki,kristen,justin,val,aleena and anna were all chilling and playing around and taking pictures and stuff, and then at 11:30 everyone left because we were all so tired. Kristen and I spent the night at Nikki's so we went upstairs and started watching Meet the Fockers because i was the only one who hasnt seen it yet! I got like a little way into the movie and was falling alseep so we decided to turn it off and go to bed. It was around 12:30 again before we went to bed.

Saturday- woke up like 8:45 and ate breastfest and then Nikki and Justin has to go to church, so me and kristen stayed and watched Meet the Fockers since we didnt get to finish it, it was a funny movie! Ash-hole!!! hahaha! Then Nikki and Justin got back and we all ate lunch and then Nikki took me and Kristen home.

It feels good to finally have friends you can hang around and they actually understand you.

Came home and has been doing this Spanish homework, its due like Thursday or Friday and i dont like it! I did it today for like 2 and a half hours and got a little bit of it done.

This week is going to go by fast, tomorrow is the dinner banquet, then thursday is Kristen's birthday and a few of us are going to go out to eat and stuff.

Ill update tomorrow if i have time.

x.O Kayla x.O

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

in love

i'm not saying that i dont want you cause believe me i do i'm just not gunna chase after you... [Thursday
April 28th, at 5:12pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Not much happen today. Thank god tomorrow is friday. Me and Andrew have to do a Spanish project, we have to cook good and tape it, but we decided that we are going to do it in front of class and just use fake stuff, we are going to make flan, because it has to be Hispanic food, and that might be the easiest thing to make, but since we dont literally have to make it, it wont be that bad, i cant see myself eating flan, lol..

Drove to wendy's today, not far, but i drove with my mom, shes so impatience that it's funny! I did good though!

Well im going to go, not much more to write, ill try to write Sunday if im home. peace

x.O Kayla x.O

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

in love

it will get better... it just takes time.... [Tuesday
April 26th, at 5:45pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Today wasnt that bad of a day at all...

Went to school hyper, why, i dunno,probably b/c i went to bed like at 9:30 last night, woke up at 3:30 nd couldnt go to sleep, finally went to sleep, so by the time i woke up at 6:45, i was hyper.

1st period we read this story about a solider returning home, it was really good. 2nd period- he told us that we might as well not have a social life for the next week, b/c of the EOCT that we have to take, 3 weeks before school even ends, so gay. So he is giving us all this work for us to do, and fortuately i got all todays work done b/c i came home, so i didnt have much homework to do, but tomorrow i will have alot, but o well. 3rd period was actually this most interesting today, i did most of my U.S. history in there b/c i was done with my project that we are doing, so i worked on that all day, but the most interesting thing was when we were waiting for lunch, and matthew said something and jake was kidding around with matthew ( they always do) and jake kiddling pushed him into the wall b/c he was leaning against it, and his head hit the wall and it chipped his tooth, im talking like a quarter of his tooth chipped! I felt so bad for him, he had to go home and hopefully he will be able to get it fixed today so he wont have to go to school tomorrow without his tooth fixed! then in 4th period we did more worksheets like we usually do and thats it.

Got home and chilled for a little bit, did a little homework, still gotta study for Spanish though :/. I hate studying for vocab words, we do it every week, but o well.

No updated news on tiffany, they thought yesterday that they may have found her, instead they found two of her friends and arrested them, and she called my mom and said that she would be their soon, nd her and bill waited 2 hours for her, and she didnt show up! I just wish they would find her and then send her butt to rehab so she can get her life back together.

Today is only Tuesday, that sucks, im so ready for this weekend, and this summer, which is only like a month away! Dont know what im really going to do yet, but i know im gonig to soccer camp and going to florida! cant wait!

Well im going to go for now, ill update tomorrow!


x.O Kayla x.O



in love

the worst pain in the world is trying to help someone [who doesn't want it] [Thursday
April 21st, at 6:01pm]
[ mood | worried ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Went to Greg's game yesterday, we won 5-10, i think. He got a good hit.

Deborah told me yeesterday she started smoking again :/. It really sucks, but i didnt say anything nd brought up another subject.

Today was alright until we got in 4th period nd the annoucements come on, First this kid got in a accident nd is ICU, and in really bad shape, i hope hes okay. Then he says that someone has been missing since Tuesday, nd he says nd her name is Tiffany Kane, i felt so embarrased. She hasnt called us all week, nd my mom is really stressed nd i feel bad, nd im worried, i dunno where she could be. Hopefully with the help of her friends, we can find her.

That was my day, got progress reports 94 in U.S. History and Ameircan Lit. 96 in Spanish, nd a freakin 85 in Art. I really dont like art at all, but o well.

Tomorrow is our last game, we better win, we will win no matter what! And the guys are going to win, nd we are going to have fun on the way back. This season has been so great, im really looking forward to next season, but we got the soccer camp coming up, nd its going to be awesome nd alot of fun!!

Have to ref at 9:00/12:00/ nd 1:30 on Saturday, then i may go over nd see Nikki all dressed up for prom =). Then im gunna have homework this weekend, a take home test for U.S. History nd a project in American Lit.

I'll try to update some time this weekend.

x.O Kayla x.O

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in love

Sometimes, all a girl needs is a hand to hold and a heart that will understand. [Wednesday
April 20th, at 6:06pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Last night the boys had a game against monroe- it was the best game all season- it was tied 2-2, then with like no time left in the game, the ref called a foul in the box, so PK kick! Salton got to take it nd he makes it! the boys win for the first time in 6 years!! Now they get a pizza party, it was awesome!!

Heritage tied Cedar Schols, so we wont make it into the playoffs, but thats okay, b/c we gave it our all, next year we will get into the playoffs =).

Going to Gregory's game tonight so i can get the heck out of this house for the night.

Our last game is Friday, we are gunna win, both teams, are gunna win nd have a party on the way back from our 2 nd a half hour bus ride! Im gunna miss people this season, I'm also thinking about switching teams this season, but i dunno yet, everyone is leaving this season, but i havent decided where to go, if im gunna go.

We are going to soccer camp this summer, its gunna be fun! Nikki might go if she can convince her step father to say yes!!

Im sorry Danielle about your great grandfather. RIP

x.O Kayla x.O

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2Accidently ; in love

everything happens for a reason, the hardest part is to figure out what the reason is. [Monday
April 18th, at 5:45pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So we played Cedar and tied, but we played an AWESOME game! but the only way we are going to be able to make it in the playoffs are if Heritage beats Cedar by 6, thats alot, i doubt that will happen, but this season is by far better than last. But we still got a small chance.

Saturday i refed until like 2 o clock. Then we went to Autumn's tournament, she won, she got first place, we were there most of the day Sunday to.

We had a good practice today, we played ultimate frisbee, it was awesome, my team won! YEAH! Brittany like just stepped on my ankle, but its all good!

So this weekend went by fast nd i have a tons of homework to do. Tomorrow im going to the guys monroe game, wednesday im going to gregorys game(maybe), thursday i'm free, nd friday i have the Habersham game, so im busy this week! But its better thasn being coped up in this house!!

Well im gunna go nd do laundry nd homework! peace. COMMENT

x.O Kayla x.O

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in love

your my drug, and im addicated [Thursday
April 14th, at 8:21pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Not much happend today, school, soccer, same old same old..

We HAVE to win tomorrow enable to make it to the playoffs, we better win! Tomorrow is senior night, pray it doesnt rain.

I have three games on saturday to ref, so ill be busy half the day, i have to start running alot more, b/c im soo out of shape, i dunno how ashlyn nd nikki do it.

Well im gunna go, i gotta pack nd do laundry nd STILL do some homework. i hate u.s. history with a passion.

x.O Kayla x.O

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

in love

April 13th, at 8:39pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Today could defintely be a better day, didnt start off that bad, school, same old happens there... Then came home nd did a little homework until i had to go to my soccer game..

Get there and it started off well- the score was 2-1, us winning, nd of course lighting! So they pause the came, which the lineup was CRAZY!! i have no idea what the hell he was thinking, but he has reason, so w/e. In the damn lighting wouldnt stop, nd then they still wanted to have senior night, i was like wtf? why would u have senior night when half the people left, its stupid, they wounded up cancelling our game nd the guys nd senior night. PLUS there was a bad car wreak where 3 guys died ( they go to my schhol) and two was air lifted, thank god i didnt know any of the boys that died, god bless them nd their families. After that i wasnt in the mood to do anything nd everyone was playing around while we wanted to see if they were gunna cancel our games or not, but i wasnt really in the mood.

Came home nd mom talked to me about tiffany, we are going to try to get her somewhere safer, i dunno what to do no more. I worry about her so much, she hasnt been in school at all this week, she STILL doing drugs nd everything is wrong, i hope to god shes okay, i dunno what i would do if i loose her, hopefully she will get her shit together nd my life will go a little smoother, this month has sucked, i just noticied, i'm either getting in trouble, or hearing bad new!

So today could have DEF. been a better day than it was, but yout gotta take the good with the bad. What dont kill you makes you stronger, remeber that =).

Well im gunna go, i STILL have homework to do nd im gunna watch the 10 o clock news nd make sure the other two boys are okay.

x.O Kayla x.O

in love

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