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Accidently in love..

5 August
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I'm crediting some people who i got anything from:

i know i made a lot of
mistakes, disappointments
& failures but i promise
you theres a part of me
that is actually worth keeping <3

*Funny how you can have all the friends in the world but it just doesn't feel right without that one person*
{Jack n Kay} [S.4.e.a.e.a.e.]
[i couldn't ask for a better best friend. ily]

Just Because her eye`s don`t tear
doesn`t mean her heart dOesn`t
cry & just because she comes off
s t r o n g doesn't mean Nothings
W r O n q *

i think im afraid of being happy bc everytime
im h a p p y something b a d always happens

The greatest strength of all
Is to hold it together when
They expect you to fall apart.

-do everything in life that you-
-wanna do, if its something u'll-
-regret in da mornin sleep --> late-